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​Offering a Lifeline

Every penny you give will go towards helping children and young people in real need.

Living with arthritis means that everyday tasks like getting up, washing and dressing are a constant struggle for 13-year-old Rachel. Powerful drug treatments make her gain weight and feel sick and tired – she has to inject herself and regularly spends time in hospital.

Inevitably, Rachel misses a lot of school and has had to give up dancing, martial arts and Guides. In their place, activity sessions, art workshops and residential weekends run by Arthritis Care in Glasgow offer a lifeline. Rachel enjoys the chance to relax and talk with other young people who share her situation. A team of volunteers, all with arthritis themselves, act as great role models. If they can do something, so can Rachel!

Your fundraising means Arthritis Care will be able to go on making life better for young people like Rachel, offering a place where, as she puts it, she’s not the only one with a cosmetics bag full of tablets!

“Coming to Arthritis Care is amazing. I can relax, be myself and don’t have to keep explaining stuff.” Rachel.


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