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Liz Weddall

In early 2016 I decided I needed a challenge to get fit!

Having had a shoulder operation in November, I felt keen to get back to fitness, pull myself out of my comfort zone and raise some money for BBC Children in Need. Initially I did not get a place as part of the team so breathed a secret sigh of relief! However, in early May I was offered a place. Having chatted to my family about the challenge and worked out the timescales to get fit and able to cycle 300 miles, I readily accepted the challenge!

Previously, I have taken part in the Wetherby to Filey bike ride which is a 75 mile charity bike ride through the beautiful North Yorkshire Moors National Park. I also arranged a “Santa Cycle” and rode to all the branches in my local area with some of my team. We completed 53 miles all round York on a cold, wet December day and raised a lot of money for a local children’s hospice.

Most of my cycling is with my family and friends, and we go annually to Ile De Re a small island off the west coast of France where biking is the norm on the beautiful island. I am really looking forward to the challenge of the training and using it to get fit again. I am aiming to ride before work during the week, and then at the weekend do a much longer endurance ride to build up my strength and fitness. In between I will run to also build on my overall fitness. I am now 10 days into my training and am still getting used to my new Shimano clip shoes to help me pedal. I have had two heavy falls much to the amusement of my training partner and a few bruises to show for it! I am hoping by June and the training weekend I will have mastered them! My children aged 9 and 11 are very excited about the prospect of getting out for some long rides on a weekend and have been polishing their bikes in readiness!

Over the 3.5 days I am looking forward to the team spirit and support that we will be able to give each other, as well as meeting new colleagues within the group. I am also really excited about the opportunity to be involved in such a high profile event through work and for my family to be involved in the overall excitement and in raising money for this amazing charity.

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