Team London

Nicola Kelly

So excited to be part of this amazing challenge!

I am so excited to be part of this amazing challenge and am so proud that I was chosen to be part of the London team! I signed up for the challenge thinking I would never be chosen but thought I would give it a shot non the less.

I started cycling nearly two years ago when I signed up for a 130 mile bike ride for a local charity supporting children with life threatening illnesses. Since this I haven't stopped cycling and most weekends set off for 90 mile rides (luckily with the support of my husband). I have two young children Jimmy and Molly (5 and 2) and they were a massive reason for me wanting to help with BBC Children in Need. Having followed the Appeal Show since a young girl myself (I remember doing a coin trail around my junior school when I was 7)

I could always see the good that they did for children and now having my own its made me realise how important they are in supporting and helping families no matter what their situation might be. I pray that I would never need their help but having organisations like BBC Children in Need is paramount to people who do / might need them. I can't wait to get to know the team a bit more and hopefully help with some of the experience I have myself with cycling especially long distance!

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