Social Entrepeneurs

Driftwood Cinema

Aspiring to bring film to rural communities in Scotland via a social enterprise.

Matt Kitson applied to the programme to help develop his social project, Driftwood Cinema, with the aspiration to bring film to rural communities in Scotland and make events accessible to everyone in the community. 

Matt also noticed the demise of archival footage of community events due to the rise of mobile phones and so came up with the idea to deliver local workshops to teach people how to capture these activities to keep a record for the future and show how these activities can bring everyone together in the local community. 

With the local rural area consisting of a large number of low income families and limited public transport links, Matt wanted to find a way to bring people together through the medium of entertainment and saw that bringing cinema right into the community was the ideal way to reach a wide audience of all ages and backgrounds. Making use of unused community venues such as town halls and community centres to stage film events and activities makes these events more accessible to the majority of people in the community, without the worry of travel and cost. 

Matt has always had a passion for film and preserving history through film and so saw joining the programme as the perfect opportunity to combine his passion of film and desire to bring people together in the community. The programme would give him the chance to develop his project idea with the support and expertise of a community of fellow entrepreneurs and experts in the field, something he wouldn’t usually have access to. 

Through the £4,000 grant, mentor and a fully funded course of lessons and workshops by the School for Social Entrepreneurs, Matt has been enabled to develop Driftwood Cinema and help benefit more local communities. Throughout the course, Matt has realised the importance of planning and long term strategy for maintaining the sustainability of the enterprise and describe the support and network of other entrepreneurs which the course provides as invaluable. 

Matt is now looking to expand and have a regular screening tour with masterclasses throughout the year. He is looking to increase the number of mobile cinemas to reach out to more communities over the country and expand into outdoor cinema events, which wouldn’t have been possible without the help of the programme - it has helped Matt to strengthen the business and financial side of the enterprise and bring Driftwood Cinema to more people in the community.